The Sea and the Sky

Excerpts from the honeymoon notepad…

“Standing on our balcony at sunset. Huge grey cloud shaped like an exaggerated hourglass on the horizon directly ahead… tapering off into scudding waves of cloud. Turquoise through to deepening blue… soft and blurry grey horizon… the first stars appearing.”

“The lights of another cruiseliner reflecting in the darkness up ahead.”

“Thick, blackish-grey mist that blanketed us in the night – damp and clingy and silent.”

“The stars before dawn, when the first orange and grey tendrils were appearing behind us in the East… still blue-black up ahead, the stars bright and clear, unobscured.”

“Watching the sun rise from the back of the ship. Pale turquoise sky, pink-edged wisps of cloud, a bank of grey cloud lining the horizon… orange – and then gold – breaking through.”

“The hissing of the waves as we push our way through. The ever-present thrum of the engine. The juddering of this deck chair. The vibration of the mattress when you’re lying in bed.”

“The sea calm and light blue, reflecting the clear sky, waves only ripples.”

“Today the sea is heaving and unsettled… white froth and foam from the waves… sunlight no longer sparkles on the surface like glitter – its silvery reflection now looks like an explosion of shattered glass on the sea’s surface.”

“Changing rooms will tiny irridescent tiles in the shower – like those pearly mini-pebbles in bowls. Huge windows looking out at the sea, which is swirling like molten pewter below us.”

“The subtle metallic scent of the sea.”

4 thoughts on “The Sea and the Sky

  1. These are great snippets of what it’s like to be on a cruise ship. I liked the juddering of the deck chair and vibration of the mattress. Also liked the lights of a ship up ahead.
    The idea of writing yourself in is a good one. I think the summer takes on a kind of lull and a break that maybe we needed after A215 – let your brain regroup.
    Congratulations on the new job as well – sounds like a busy time!

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