Further excerpts from the honeymoon notepad…

“Dust on my feet, yellow sand caked on my toenails… Narrow roads – vans and lorries tearing down them regardless, bashing overflowing wheelie bins as they go… Swarms of fish like baby sharks swimming in the shallow water by the dock… A dead sparrow floating in the mosaic-tiled water fountain… Hardcore cycle lanes… Birdshit that left a green stain on Mark’s hat (we called it ‘the (s)hat’ after that)… ‘Hostal Colon’… The elusive ‘House of Chains’… Both feeling we should soldier on and ‘make the most of it’ despite both secretly wishing to get back to the ship… Churros and hot chocolate.”

2 thoughts on “Cadiz

  1. Quite a contrast from your previous post. Interesting though. I have only been to Spain once, a country of great contrasts. We were staying with friends on the coast, all English speaking, holiday flat land but travelled by train across the plain to Seville. The old town fascinating – so many different influences. I think you have captured your impressions well.

    • There was the option to take a shore excursion to Seville when we stopped in Cadiz but we opted to stay by the sea. Sounds like a cool city though :-).

      I agree these notes are different – it’s the same for all the port descriptions. Whereas the sea is just beautiful and, as far out as we were most of the time, clear and clean, on land I started my habitual thing of picking up on the rot and decay and the not-so-pretty stuff (not that I left out the pretty stuff, of course!).

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