Nightmares and daydreams

Life is strange and changeable and unsettled at the moment…

…and the landscape of my dreams has descended into nightmarish weirdness in pseudo-sympathy.

Over the course of a week, I had a series of dreams based on a different horror film each night. The one that was reminiscent of ‘The Grudge’ still lingers in my mind.

Though the dream plots of the others may have faded away, the atmosphere of grubbiness and decay has remained. Skin-crawling and overwhelmingly shudder-inducing, the backdrop to my dreaming self has taken on the grainy, blood-splattered ambience of a ‘Silent Hill’ PS2 game.

Now, I concede that it is probably my fault. After all, nobody *forced* me to spend the entirety of my teenage years gorging myself on horror novels and horror films as though they were some kind of hideous, forbidden sweets.

(Although I could maybe blame my Mother who, when I innocently pointed to her copy of ‘Pet Sematary’ by Stephen King on the bookshelf and asked ‘what’s that?’, went completely OTT on how I must *never read it*… thereby making it the single most exciting thing in the entire house).

On the upside, my waking self is brimming over with inspiration at the moment. The mere fact that I’m adding something to this blog, after months and months of neglect, is proof of that. The notebooks that hang around in my room, in my bag, under the coffee table in the living room: all of them are seeing more action than they have for ages.

For such a long time, it has felt like my imagination has buggered off on holiday without me, leaving nothing but a lot of space and a growing obsession with retro kitchens and bunting. To have stories back in there, to have worlds rising up and hammering themselves into place, to hear intriguing characters chattering away ten-to-the-dozen, desperate to spew out their life stories before I lose interest – all of this feels like taking a huge breath of air when I didn’t even realise I was drowning.

I have no idea if the nightmares and the daydreams are linked but I can cope with a bit of horror if it means getting my writing mojo back…

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