Out with the old…

… and in with the New Plan.

I’m taking off the pressure on the short story front now and I’m going for the long haul.

That’s right: I am officially starting a novel.

Not writing little bits here and there. Not writing the ending before I’ve even figured out the beginning. Not sketching it out in abbreviated notes.

Actually writing it. Properly.

I’ve started today (working title: GV) and have written 1049 words so far (which makes my novel 2.1% done, according to the progress bar I’ve tried and failed to add to this post).

Knowing me as a I do, I’m pretty sure that the obsessive¬†desire to keep moving the line along the progress bar (I’m afraid you’re just going to have to visualise it at the moment) will provide much in the way of motivation.

And if I lose my way with this novel? I have another one in the pipeline as well (working title: JB) which I can turn to at such moments.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has tried ‘alternating’ in this way and if it’s a help or a hindrance…?

7 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. Scrivener has a really good target bar which you set yourself whenever you sit down to write. As you get closer to your target the bar goes green – it is strangely motivating.

  2. I have just decided to try alternating WIPs – I have 2 ideas as well. It sounds doable – doesn’t it? Too bad I haven’t really started on either? How are you going with yours?

    • Not well at all! Things have been manic life-wise (just got a new job and am heading off on honeymoon tomorrow) and writing with any kind of structure has fallen by the wayside. I *have* been writing bits and pieces in my notepad though (and that’s coming with me on the cruise) but instead of two ideas on the go, I now have more like four (and that’s not including the two short stories simmering away on the back burner). Part of me thinks I should be glad – surely too many ideas is better than not enough? – but another part of me feels like this is just another way of procrastinating and avoiding actually finishing anything… Hope things work out with your WIPs. Are these novels/short stories/other?

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