See that first hurdle that I just fell at?

So, as you may have guessed from the title, I didn’t finish a story in time for the first deadline.

In my defence, this is partially down to the fact that I realised very late on that the word limit was 1500 words. Which is, quite simply, way too short for someone as verbally incontinent (when writing) as me.

Also, as much as I didn’t want it to be true, I do feel like the absence of any OU deadlines is leading to a gradual slide back into the bad old days. Y’know, those days when I was constantly creating stories in my head but hardly ever writing them down. Those days when I never finished anything… ever…

I’m starting to think that maybe short stories aren’t for me. I always seem to be trying to cram in way more backstory than they can hold and the stories themselves never feel quite complete. Weirdly for someone who does succinctness so well in ‘real life’, in my creative writing I always seem to want to sprawl out.

I know the brevity of the short story is a part of its charm (and its genius – if you can get it right) but I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m the kind of girl who’s in it for the long haul. A cursory look at my bookshelf (hey, my DVD collection as wel, while you’re at it) would show you that I’m the sort of person who likes to follow a character through book after book after book. I love nothing better than a good, long series where reaching the final page of a book doesn’t mean saying goodbye to a much-loved character: it’s just a slight pause before the story goes on.

Ok, so I’m rambling now… but hopefully it’s a productive ramble…

And I could carry on whingeing about the fact that The Plan seems to be falling apart before it even got started but, actually, I’d rather just, y’know, do some writing…


4 thoughts on “See that first hurdle that I just fell at?

  1. My goodness, I got married … ……a long time ago and I am still catching up! I’ll follow your Plan with interest Hayley. I’ve decided to enter a story, one I did for writer’s club, deadline 31 July, word limits 1500 – 5000. Trouble is I only have 750 words and visitors coming next week and going away for 10 days. Hmmm. Then there’s the deadline of 17 August for our WOTY competition (that’s writer of the year). Have decided to enter my TMA5 for that one but it needs more work too. Let’s compare notes in September!

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