Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime…

… only they’re not, as my future husband is a fundamentalist aetheist (or a aethementalist, if you like) and would probably be struck by lightning if he ever tried to cross the threshold of a church.

Now that we are in May, the wedding (along with the EMA, incidentally) feels terrifyingly close.

Thursday 7 June is W-Day: exactly one week after the EMA deadline and only five weeks from tomorrow.

Ok, so I’m building up the tension here, but it’s not actually that bad. In fact, when we went for a meeting at the Reception venue yesterday evening, the Wedding Coordinator actually commented on how very laid back and relaxed we seemed about the whole thing. I can only assume that the couples she usually sees have worked themselves up into such a huge frenzy of pre-wedding anxiety that they start gnawing on the tub chairs or something.

Future husband and I want to have a nice day and everything, of course, but we don’t see the point of getting stressed about it and obsessing over millions of little details. What can I say? Simplicity makes us happy :).

There are a few details though, obviously. So I thought I would share some of them with you here in picture form (assuming I can figure out how to get the pictures on, of course…):

My wedding dress is being made for me. An element of jeopardy has been introduced by the fact that my dressmaker got confused over dates and hasn’t actually started the dress yet. You know that feeling when your cheeks start to ache from forcing yourself to smile when, inside, you’re majorly freaking out? That was me at my ‘dress fitting’… without the dress.

But, anyway, here is a picture of the dress that my dress is based on. It’s not going to be exactly the same (and, no, I don’t look like Sandra Bullock) but it should give you an idea of the colour and overall shape.

I’m being subversive and putting my two bridesmaids in white. I did have a picture of the dresses in question (2 for just over £69 in the Monsoon Sale – bargains also make me happy!) but my poor, decrepid mobile phone finally bit the dust last week, taking all my photos and, even more annoyingly, contacts with it. So you’ll just have to imagine what they look like: they’re calf-length, made of floaty fabric and have a Grecian/Roman look about them.

This is roughly what my wedding flowers are going to look like (you may have picked up on the fact by now that I rather like purple) except hopefully the green foliage isn’t going be quite as scary-fake-green looking as the foliage in this picture. Seriously it looks like someone has coloured those leaves in with a green highlighter pen or something…

I have made our wedding cake (a rich fruit cake – indistinguishable from the Christmas cake I make every year apart from the fact that I have actually gone to the trouble of putting in the correct ingredients in the correct quantities this time) and my mum is also making a yummy sponge cake for the day as well. One of my bridesmaids is super-talented at making stuff and has offered to make figures of me and future husband to go on top of our cake. Here is a picture of the figures she made for her own wedding two years ago. Aren’t they fab??!! I can’t wait to see ours!

There are more details, of course, but it’s late and I’m tired and I don’t have cool pictures for all of them…

… now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a tub chair downstairs that I need to go gnaw..

4 thoughts on “Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime…

  1. June’s a great month for a wedding. We were married on June 13th and no, it wasn’t Friday. Trouble is my daughter was born on June 11th – we were usually so busy with her birthday, we forgot our anniversary.

    Your dress looks stunning. Remember you’ll probably have lost weight by that time, with the stress of the EMA.

    • It takes more than a little stress to stop me eating! 😉

      Hopefully June will smile on us, weather-wise. We only really chose that date as it’s during the school holidays and so we would be able to hold the wedding on a week day. I’m hoping it won’t be really rainy/windy for obvious hair-getting-messed-up reasons but I’m not overley concerned about it being hot/amazing blue skies/etc as we’re mostly going to be indoors 🙂

    • It is gorgeous, isn’t it? I’ve had that picture on one of my collages for a couple of years now and when I was trying to think up what kind of wedding dress I wanted and was searching online for second hand ‘traditional’ dresses, I looked up from my computer, saw that picture on the wall and thought ‘oh my goodness – that’s it!’. I can’t wait until my dress is ready and I can try it on :-).

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